Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Duael 111 Bites the dust (and rocks)

Well a big thanks to you riders for making this year’s Duael such fun for Cam and myself, we loved your racing riding and enthusiasm.
Thanks to Monza, Sram, Prime, Enduro Mag, Top Bike Tours, Total Rush, and Fitzroy Revolution for their support.
Look we realize this will never be a participation event and we plan to keep it that way, we know the format is tough and we think we had a course to match this year
Our push of the mixed pairs worked as well as we hoped.
We look forward to next year’s Duael .
Pretty much the same time
Definitely the same place (thanks Marty for Jubberland and Jason for your help).
Probably the same numbers because there are not many of you tough skilled mountain bike riders out there.


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