Friday, August 14, 2015

No Card facilities at Jubberland

A reminder for all who plan on racing at Back to the Future - The Race this Sunday. Entry is cash only on the day! $40 for MTBA members or $55 for those needing a day license. Please try and bring correct change to make life a bit easier for us. Racing starts at 11am.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Back to the Future 3Hr

We decided that couples get too cold in August if they don’t cuddle up. 
And you can’t cuddle up when you are racing the Duael . 
So we are moving it to a warmer date, Stay tuned.

But seeing we had a date and a course we have decide to run Back to the Future, A pairs and solo race with everyone racing each other. 
The striped back format is described below. Our money is on a solo rider to take the win.
Laps counted only. It's 20th century pricing, 40 Bucks. It starts in the middle of the day. A tailgating sausage sizzle will be had on completion. Supermarket sausages in a piece of white bread included in your entry fee. 
We may even throw a bit of White Crow in with that too. 
Families Welcome!

Race Categories available:- everyone's in together -


No pre-entry

MTBA Members $40 and Day Licence Riders $55