Saturday, November 16, 2013

MTB Riders and free stuff. A cautionary tale.

Once upon a time there was a race not like any other race; because it was THE DUAEL.
Once upon a time there was a mountain bike rider who we will call Nick who raced the DUAEL with his good campadre (lap on lap off)
And finished in the money so to speak. Now Nick was a young family man with you know “ limited funds” for bike stuff. His current project was a single speed;
Steel frame, 180 cranks, ebay bits. The last piece in this puzzle was “The Fork”. Expensive!
Well now to the nub of the story .
Picture prize giving at the DUAEL. It’s major random draw time ROCK SHOX SID forks. How good! (I believe there is another pair this year)
Now back to Nick and his good campadre. Place prize collected. Quick nudge “let’s go”. Quietly up to the car and off up the dirt road.
Meanwhile back at the DUAEL major draw . Breathes are held. The name is drawn . Oh No (Oh Yes) “ Nick”.
The crowd calls “Nick”, no show . A friend phones Nick , no reply . Then the call  “there they go” – and everyone watches Nick and his good campadre drive away from a pair of ROCK SHOX SID forks.
The crowd calls  ‘draw again” and the curtain falls.

You know the moral of this story!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Don't let down a stranger

Sorry folks, but the weather forecast this Tuesday isn't great, so we are going to postpone the Blind Date till next Tuesday the 19th.
This will give you all more time to practice transitions, baton changes and back slaps in readiness.


All entrants will receive a free ticket in a prize draw to be held at The DUAEL
Put it in your calendar, and tell your friends.