Friday, April 1, 2011

Hello Racers!
Congratulations for being one of the many team that are racing in the inaugural Duael on Sunday at Woodend.

Registration starts at 7:30am to 9am, you can then relax/get in the zone/warm up until 10am when the race starts.
All riders MUST sign MTBA day licenses or show a valid MTBA membership. Each team member must be present to collect their own race number. Even the best story will not get you past!

Did your friends miss the entry?
limited entries on the day which include a $20 additional cost for being late.

What is Available at the Race?
First of all there is NO drinking water on site so make sure you bring plenty.
Unfortunately there will be no catering at the event. Bring your own wholesome lunch and snacks.

However there is TONS of space right on the course so bring your pop up marquee. If you have portable speakers why not bring them and some music? Keep the energy up!

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