Thursday, March 4, 2010



More Pictures

Spoke to Russ tonight who told me he was amazed at the gap Brett had pulled out over the train that was Rohin, Bellie, JD, Justin and Neil. so early in the race.
I informed Russ that Brett had actually binned it in the trees just after the sketchy bit where the path works are going on, and had had half a lap out to re-compose himself.
Didn't seem to slow him down any.

1. Rohin
3. Andy


  1. Yes Cam, from the back of the bus you do miss out on the action up front!!
    **I noticed some guys have their own race accounts on personel blogs. It would be cool to copy and paste here to back up y'r crackin pics.??

  2. That sketchy bit of dirt was.... well sketchy. I'm just sad that it didn't deliver the first lap carnage I promised you it would.