Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Urban Epic Ride Report

The threatening weather came to nought but the ride certainly didn’t.

As someone commented “is this ride really appropriate for single speeds?”

Those climbs after Hans loop through Warrandyte and Donvale certainly give you a few moments. Talk about running up the Rialto stairs.

A great turnout of riders and a variety of bikes, we had 29ers, 26ers, ridged and suspension.

How good was young Ollie Dorian on a ridged 26 doing the whole deal, star both of now and the future

The ride stayed nice and mellow a careful pace with us all getting home ready for a bit of kia

Keen to do it again? Thinking maybe “found another 26 gears” or one speed?

Give us some feed back

Probably looking at October 18.

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